Kickstart Your Zeropark Journey

with Guidance from a Personal Onboarding Manager

Gaining experience is the key to success in performance marketing. Zeropark makes this lengthy process quick and easy by providing you with a two-week onboarding period from the industry’s finest specialists.

Why is Zeropark the Right Place to Start Media Buying?

Variety of ad formats

Advertise on CPC or CPM bases using industry’s favorite formats like Push Notifications, Pop and more.

Quality that scales

Take advantage of the industry’s biggest traffic inventory and get conversions no matter how big your budget is.

Superior technology

Maximize the performance with the bidding algorithm that balances the spend between the cheaper and the most expensive impressions.

Clear and simple UI

Get your ads online and become a proficient media buyer in no time at all, thanks to the community-beloved interface.

Support you can count on

Cut your learning curve in half with the help of a dedicated Onboarding Manager, Customer Success and Account Management teams.

Get a Dream Start with a Two-week Live Onboarding Experience!

Zeropark is the only self-serve ad platform in the performance marketing space that provides dedicated live training right from the beginning.

Here’s how our clients benefit from personalized onboarding:

  • A detailed walkthrough of the Zeropark platform
  • On-demand live Skype calls
  • A personalized Starting Kit with traffic insights
  • Campaign setup guidance
  • Bespoke insights on top performing traffic
  • Campaign optimization and scaling tips

Want to see what kinds of intel you will receive from your Onboarding Manager?

Download one of our Starting Kits for free and get access to insider’s intel on Zeropark traffic right now.

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Five years in affiliate marketing and never had a more pleasant onboarding experience. Adam from Zeropark was born to be an onboarding manager. Seems like he is working 24/7 side by side with you to guide through all the tips and tricks and to bring your campaigns alive and thriving. As for me, it was the shortest zero to hero run than with any other traffic source. Seven days after the sign up, I was already getting a stable 100% ROI on my Zeropark Push campaigns.”

Viacheslav Ogir

Founder at Advortex

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