Zeropark and Voluum utilize the same logic and database for an unmatched tracking speed, accuracy and comfort, allowing you to optimize for a higher ROI like never before.


Why Should I Track and Optimize My Campaigns?

Good ad-tracking software is your best friend if you want to make the most out of your advertising budgets. Learn why!

Get actionable insights

Tracking your campaigns lets you identify what works and what doesn’t. Voluum tracker monitors a multitude of different metrics to give a hint about actions you should take and can even take some of them on your behalf.

Scale seamlessly

As your business grows, software’s ability to process large amounts of data becomes crucial. Voluum’s unique features, widely renowned speed, and reliability will let you focus on what matters the most.

Multiply your ROI

Making good decisions based on data analysis is the key to success in performance marketing. Voluum puts you in a position to do just that, and in result, give your ROI a significant boost.

Target effectively

With Voluum, you can easily pinpoint the routes to success. Robust variables provide critical information about visitors, which you can use to make your targeting even more precise.

Get the best tracker for your Zeropark campaigns

Why Choose Voluum?

Since 2015 Voluum has been pioneering features that make affiliates’ lives easier and ROI of their campaigns higher. It’s also the most secure & reliable ad tracker on the market. No wonder it’s still recommended by top digital marketers from around the globe!

Track everything in one place

Voluum’s superb real-time reporting means you have access to over 30 metrics about each visit, click, and conversion from all of your traffic sources. Dig deeper into your data or easily group variables to get a clearer view of what matters the most.

Automate your work with rules & alerts

Integrate all your traffic sources with Voluum and use automation rules to control your campaigns from the tracker! Just set up your own if/then rules and Voluum will take action or notify you whenever a condition is met.

Auto-optimize your campaigns

Don’t waste time & money on wild guesses! Use Voluum’s Traffic Distribution AI to easily discover which traffic-offer-campaign combos bring the most conversions. Quickly detect bot traffic thanks to a built-in Anti-Fraud Kit.

Get the support you deserve

Learn how to track, optimize, and automate your campaigns in no time. Voluum Team is here to help you with lots of educational materials like video tutorials & step-by-step guides. Chat support, 1on1 onboardings, and live webinars are also available!

Why Should I Integrate Zeropark with Voluum?

If you have a Voluum account, you’re just one click away from integrating it with your Zeropark account and unleashing the extra power of the two greats.

Free Zeropark Tracking

Run as many Zeropark campaigns as you want. The events from those campaigns do not count toward the total event count in Voluum.

Campaign Command Center

Control your Zeropark campaigns directly from Voluum for effortless management. You can bid up, bid down, pause, resume or even delete your campaigns straight from the tracker.

Money-Saving Solution

Voluum identifies potential issues with the campaign setup and prevents Zeropark from sending traffic to those flawed campaigns so none of your money gets wasted.

Unparalleled Accuracy

Zeropark and Voluum utilize the same database and the conversion data is passed through the back-end for the most reliable and accurate tracking experience in the industry.

Full Auto-Optimization New

Set custom if/then rules in Voluum to fully automate your Zeropark campaigns’ optimization or receive notifications about their performance and take the action yourself.

Take advantage of all the integration benefits.

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