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Navigating the Future: A Deep-Dive into Commerce Media Solutions for brands & marketers

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About the webinar

With consumers moving between all stages of the sales funnel, the customer journey getting messier than ever, CPCs going up and conversions going down, commerce media becomes the only solution capable of withstanding the paradigm-shifting commotions in modern online advertising.

Join us for a thorough conversation on what commerce media really is, why is it taking the industry by storm, and most importantly — how your brand can tap into its potential!

Our hosts

Photo of Petr Misek

Petr Misek

VP of Business Development

  • 15+ years of experience in the digital advertising space, with a background in the domain monetization field
  • Managed a portfolio of over a million domain names
  • Now leading a Business Development Team at Zeropark and helping brands and agencies drive efficient sales and incremental performance
Join us for a deep-dive into the world of commerce media and discover how to use the incremental performance solutions for your own benefit, turning the latest industry findings into a future-proof advertising strategy for your brand.

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Deeplink Explained:

Extended Audiences For Commerce Media Campaigns

Neill Burton

Hosted by

Neill Burton

Director of Key Accounts at Zeropark

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Unlocking Stability:

How Commerce Media Redefines Future-Proofing for Publishers

Petr Misek

Hosted by

Petr Misek

VP of Business Development

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