How to boost your campaigns with Valentine’s Day

How to boost your advertising campaigns with Valentine’s Day 2020

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Roses are red. Violets are blue. If you don’t spend big on Valentine’s Day, your partner might end things with you…

Whether this sentence goes with #RelationshipGoals is debatable… but it definitely goes with #AffiliateMarketingGoals. Valentine’s Day is about to hit upon us, and as with every other seasonal hype, advertisers and retailers all over the world hustle big to meet the market’s demand. 

This article is here to help advertisers maximize their profits running Valentine’s Day ad campaigns and more. Use the following industry insights to scale up during the upcoming season-bound events, just like you did with the Black Friday craze, Holiday Season spree or the Super Bowl hype. And with International Women’s Day coming next, you’d better hurry up!

Read the blog and learn how to find a perfect match for your offers this Valentine’s Day Season!

Valentine’s Day Advertising Ideas

In order to boost your campaigns with Valentine’s Day, a bit of research is recommended. With an abundance of available data, especially for the US market, focusing on that area is a good way to start research. And yes, we’ve already done that. Here are our findings!

Valentine Push Ad Example

Is it worth it? Definitely, yes!

According to Statista, this year’s Valentine’s Day is expected to hit $27.4billion in the US alone. It’s worth noting that compared to 2019 sales, an increase of $6.7 billion is forecasted. Also, 32% of the survey respondents plan to do Valentine’s shopping online, coming second-place after brick-and-mortar shops. 

With such insights and numbers growing each year (not just in the US, but all over the globe) running Valentine’s Day-related ad campaigns is an idea definitely worth giving it a go.

Who’s buying for whom?

Available data show that users between the age of 35-44 belong to the top spenders, with age groups of 25-34 and 45-54 coming next. Also, men are generally expected to spend double the amount rather than women.

Although age or gender targeting aren’t very common options, this can be solved easily. One way is to choose offers according to the age and gender group likings and adjust the ad copy and/or creatives to match the audience you’d want to target.  

As for Valentine’s Gifts recipients, significant others/spouses are the top group. But Valentine’s gifts are also commonly bought for other family members, friends, co-workers or even pets! Treating ourselves to something extra gains in popularity, too.

What’s trending for Valentine’s Day?

Once we know people do want to buy gifts for Valentine’s Day, and we know who’s buying for whom, it’s time to answer the question of what Valentine’s Day gifts are the most popular. 

Well… this isn’t a newsflash but most people plan to buy the following for Valentine’s Day gifts:

  1. Candy 
  2. Flowers
  3. Jewelry
  4. An evening out
  5. Clothing
  6. Gift cards

As opposed to the ideal Valentine’s Day gifts consumers would like to receive:

  1. An experience
  2. Candy
  3. Flowers
  4. Jewelry
  5. Electronics
  6. Apparel and beauty

Valentine Push Ad Example

Anti-Valentine’s Day Spend 

Also, an anti-Valentine’s Day movement has its share of Valentine’s Day spend. How’s that even possible? Data doesn’t show why this distinction is made but people between the age of 25-44 tend to boost the retail revenue with anti-Valentine’s gifts. Whatever their intention, even if a bit less pinkish and a bit more heartless, purchases are still made. 

Where to look for information on what is selling right now?

Advertisers are strongly encouraged to conduct similar research whenever there’s an opportunity for making some extra profit. Even without access to actual industry data, everyone’s able to have a peek into the current trends — thank you, Google! 

How to start your own trends research?

  1. Check the calendar — see what big international events/celebrations are coming. See our Q1 calendar as an example.
  2. Check the statistics — see what data collected throughout the years tell you about those events. For example,, or
  3. Read the industry forums like iAmAffiliate, affLIFT, STM forum and others.
  4. Read the industry blogs, subscribe to newsletters, follow the latest trends.
  5. Check Google Trends — for example, choose the US or worldwide targeting and type in a few variations of a topic phrase. For example, search Valentines, Valentine’s, Valentines Gifts, Valentine’s Gifts, Valentine’s Day Gifts, etc. This will help you see that people from various countries search for the same thing but use different phrasing.  This is due to language and cultural differences. 

Google Trends Valentine's Day Gifts

Where to Run Valentine’s Day Ad Campaigns?

Next, let’s have a look at what countries generate the highest spend on Valentine’s gifts. Once again, the division (from the highest to the lowest average spend per person) comes as follows:

  1. English speaking countries
  2. Europe
  3. Latin America 
  4. Asia
  5. Africa and the Middle East.

Bearing this in mind, advertisers still need to check whether GEOs falling into these categories convert with their campaigns. That’s why testing is a must-do item on any affiliate marketer’s list. Identifying the best performing units of traffic for a given campaign allows us to understand what campaign set up works best and where to scale up. Also, it prevents you from overspending your budget by leaving out the poor performers. 

To make your life a bit easier, and help you focus on already proven traffic, we researched the platform’s historical data and identified top-performing GEOs related to Valentine’s Day spending. 

Countries proven to convert well during that time are:

  1. US, UK, CA, AU, NZ.
  2. SE, DE, FR, IT, AL
  3. MX, BR, AR, CO, CL
  4. PH, TW, IN
  5. ZA, EG

Also, here’s a whitelist of top-performing sources and GEOs from the last seven days for verticals and countries related to Valentine’s Day spending. 

Remember to check if the information provided complies with your campaign set-up. If you’re interested in other segments of traffic, just contact your traffic source representatives or search the community forums for available data. 

Google Trends Valentine's Day Gifts


How to Advertise With Valentine’s Day? 

As with every season-bound ad campaign, once advertisers know what and where to promote, the remaining question is how to do that right. Our suggestion would be to pick an ad format, a vertical and proper targeting type for your Valentine’s Day ad campaign. Then launch it first for testing and next bid up on the best-performing units while leaving out those that do not bring you profit. Here are more details.

What verticals to advertise during the Valentine’s Day season with?

As with every season-bound marketing campaign, promoted products need to match the occasion. When it comes to running affiliate marketing ad campaigns, the same rules apply. Have your offers and verticals aligned with the theme of Valentine’s Day and what people need/search/buy for this occasion — meaning Valentine’s Day demand. 

Looking at both industry data and current search and online retail trends, the following verticals and offers can be identified to work best around 14th of February aka the Love Day:

E-commerce or shopping verticals with gift-related offers like:

  1. gift cards/coupons/vouchers 
  2. flowers
  3. candy 
  4. jewelry
  5. electronics
  6. clothing and accessories
  7. adult shopping

Travel vertical with offers promoting Valentine’s Day trips, hotel deals, transport, etc.

Dating vertical including both mainstream and adult dating. 

Nutra/Health & Beauty vertical including male enhancement products or any beauty related products, also cosmetic treatments.

Valentine Push Ad Example

What ad formats to advertise with during the Valentine’s Day season?

The right ad format for your Valentine’s Day campaigns needs to meet the current demand. Depending on which vertical/offers advertisers want to promote, various ad formats may be suggested. 

POP TRAFFIC This type of traffic can be used for all the verticals/offers listed above. Pop traffic generally offers big volumes of available traffic for quite cheap prices. That’s why it’s a good ad format to start with, especially for running broad campaigns meant to test the available traffic. Once well-performing areas are identified, use the optimization features offered by a traffic source of your choice. These tools help you keep an eye on the campaign performance and react fast to scale up your profits while minimizing the risks of budget burning.

DOMAIN REDIRECT TRAFFIC — This type of traffic, also known as zero-click traffic, drives users to landing or offer pages via redirects triggered by users searching for related websites. The reason why domain redirect traffic works great for season-bound campaigns is because its matching is based mainly on keywords and proactive searches performed by users. It may be a bit more expensive than pop traffic but that’s due to the more granular and adequate traffic matching. 

It’s usually recommended for e-commerce vertical but works well with travel, dating and nutra, angles, too since all these are somehow related to making Valentine purchases. 

PUSH TRAFFIC — This type of traffic is known for its user-friendly format resembling usual push notifications, thus offering a non-intrusive and highly-engaging way for advertisers to connect with users. In terms of Valentine’s Day ad campaigns, it’s said to work well with e-commerce and dating verticals (due to ads resemblance to notifications sent by apps or direct messages), and the remaining verticals listed above as a way of catching user interest. 

Why should you use keyword targeting for Valentine’s Day ad campaigns?

Advertisers can choose from various targeting models depending on their campaign’s needs. During the season/occasion-bound purchasing, keyword targeting may be a trigger bringing your ads impressions. 

Imagine the following situation — whenever a user goes online to search for a Valentine’s Day gift, he or she types in, e.g.: flowers, gifts, gift cards, jewelry, candy, etc. If you include these in your keyword list and submit it to the system, the algorithm will match such searches with your ads. 

This shows that keyword campaigns are a great way of tapping into consumer demand while matching the right offers with the right users. And the best part is that it’s all done automatically based on searches performed by users themselves. Don’t forget to check the Traffic Calculator tool for keyword data per ad format or GEO of your interest.

Watch the Keyword Campaign Tutorial for step-by-step instructions on how to set things up using Zeropark.

Learn How To Run Keyword Campaigns That Convert And Scale Up During The Valentine’s Day Season!

Why should you use injection traffic for Valentine’s Day ad campaigns?

Injection traffic comes from a toolbar inserting pop ads into a webpage. When a user types in a URL, ads are injected under keywords linking to affiliate offers. The ads are then triggered automatically by toolbars/extensions installed in user browsers.

It’s especially good for e-commerce, travel, dating or nutra verticals these days as people are generally browsing for Valentine’s Day gift ideas and thus your ads could be easily triggered.  Keyword targeting can be used with injection traffic for the most accurate optimization, but broad targeting is also possible. 

Brand-to-brand campaigns using brand URLs as your keywords or Valentine’s Gift ideas would be the best format for triggering ads display. In this way, you’re able to target highly motivated users and scale up your campaigns with relevant traffic.

Just to give you an idea, here are top searches for flower delivery in Google. 

At the same time, these are affiliate programs that could be used to promote related products.

Affiliate Program Commission Cookie/return days
1800flowers.coms 6% 10 days 10% 30 days 10% 15 days 5% no info 20% no info

Traffic Calculator Flowers

Creative Valentine’s Day Ad Examples

Tuning your ads to match an occasion is not a newly discovered piece of advice but it’s definitely worth reminding. If you need a bit of inspiration, see this link for some of the most creative and funny Valentine’s Day ideas in the advertising business! As per affiliate marketing ad campaigns, follow our suggestions and make your ad spread the love! Here’s how:

  • Give your ads Valentine’s Day feel — using all fifty shades of red or pink are much recommended.
  • All the hearts, flowers, candy, gift images/icons are welcome. Including emojis… people love emojis.
  • Creating a sense of urgency is always recommended — play with people’s minds, influence their thinking and ad behavior. 
  • If you go for push traffic, try to keep the icons/images simple. 
  • If you use landing pages, you can already give people a bit more content but do not scare them away the moment they see your page.
  • Have a cheeky peek into what your competition is doing — spy tools are a go-to place. 
  • Regardless whether you go for push, pop or domain ads — test your ad creatives just like you test the traffic segments. See which ones work best and stick with those.
  • Beware of market saturation and ad fatigue! Rotate your ads and watch out for the targeting and filtering options.

Learn More About Fighting Ad Fatigue And Banner Blindness Here!

Valentine Push Ad Example

Personalization — know who you’re talking to.

Proper targeting may be a make-or-break element for the success of your campaigns. Apart from aiming at the right GEOs, regions, times of a day, frequency filtering and such — knowing your audience is a key, too. Who are we buying for, then? Who are advertisers talking to? To answer these questions, most relevant to running occasion-bound ad campaigns, we need to answer the following questions first. 

  • Are men buying for women or are women buying for men? 
  • Are we buying for significant others only?
  • Or maybe for family members? 
  • Or friends? 
  • Or pets? 
  • Or maybe users just want to treat themselves to a little extra? 

Sadly, we can’t get clear answers to those questions and set our algorithms accordingly. What we can do instead is perform research (example sources here, here and here) regarding particular audience buying habits per Valentine’s Day spending and try to match the findings to our campaigns. 

Who’s buying more and who are we buying for? Answers reveal the following:

  1. Men lead the count, with 62% of surveyed men planning on buying Valentine’s Gifts as compared to only 45% of women making the same claim.
  2. Also, various data sources show more than half of spending is done for a significant other, ca. 60%.
  3. Gifts for family and friends come next with ca. 25% of total spending.
  4. Apparently, there’s a notable group of ca. 3% spend on pets!
  5. Those who like to buy Valentine’s Day gifts for themselves come to ca. 10% of spending.
  6. Surprisingly, ca. 3% of the Valentine’s Day purchases belong to the anti-Valentin’s spend… though still made during this time.

Storytelling techniques for the Love Day: Valentine’s Day Quotes/ Headlines/ Slogans 

Use the language of love… or simply give people what they want/ what they’re looking for. See the most common searches and adjust your copy accordingly. 

  • tell people Valentine’s Day is here/ or in less than a week/ or just round the corner!
  • or that they need to be quick to find that perfect gift before the Valentine’s Day
  • or before Valentine’s Day comes or before Valentine’s Day offers expire! 
  • or that you’ve got all, five, ten, creative, unusual, cheap, clever, expensive, original, unique Valentine’s Gift ideas covered!
  • or that you know what men like/ want to get for Valentine’s Day
  • or even better… that you know what women like and/or want to get for Valentine’s Day!

Use the language of love… only in the native language. 

Remember to use the right language, though. One that your audience understands and can thus engage with. 

Yes, English is a widely used language in the digital world but having your ads talk to the users in their mother-tongue may be a game-changer. And as nobody expects advertisers to be polyglots just use one of many translation tools available online. Such tools are usually free, quick and let’s be honest — the type of content translated isn’t too complex for a tool like that to get it right… but double-checking the translation is always recommended. 

Valentine Push Ad Example

Valentine’s Day Treats! [WHITELIST INSIDE]

Since spreading love is a recommended practice right now, here’s Valentine’s Day treat for advertisers, too. Have a look at the below whitelist of top GEOs and verticals related to Valentine’s Day spending. Know what, where and how to promote with data on the countries that convert, available volumes of traffic and suggested bids.

Top GOEs for E-commerce, Dating and Adult Verticals for Valentine’s Day spending season!

TRAFFIC Vertical GEOs Volumes Bid
POP E-commerce US  95,196,274 $0.0097
E-commerce DE  38,761,828 $0.0300
E-commerce GB  34,819,886 $0.0175
E-commerce FR  26,550,541 $0.2932
Dating FR 1,998,067 $0.0300
Dating DE 1,254,287 $0.2932
Dating DZ 709,674 $0.0095
Dating RU  125,436 $0.0400


TRAFFIC Vertical GEOs Volumes Bid
DOMAIN E-commerce DE  7,504,850 $0.0097
E-commerce US  4,431,286 $0.2932
E-commerce FR  1,102,733 $0.0300
E-commerce IT  544,864 $0.0733
E-commerce UK $0.0175
Dating FR 78,965 $0.0400
Dating DZ 65,333 $0.0021
Dating DE 30,541 $0.0095
Dating CA  16,592 $0.0068


TRAFFIC Vertical GEOs Volumes Bid
PUSH Dating US 421,986,099 $0.0279
Dating AU  211,328,856 $0.0515
Dating FR  184,324,202 $0.0339
Dating PH 129,185,132 $0.0103
Dating ZA 47,886,634 $0.0611
E-commerce IN 1,058,127,467 $0.0048
E-commerce US 1,015,196,504 $0.0162
E-commerce ID 430,144,537 $0.0061
E-commerce FR 298,839,521 $0.0245
E-commerce KR  76,001,678 $0.0370
Male Enhancement MY 133,993,939 $0.0088
Male Enhancement EG 71,355,028 $0.0086
Male Enhancement TW 46,031,875 $0.0243
Male Enhancement PK 30,152,921 $0.0044
Male Enhancement UK  25,668,138 $0.0295


TRAFFIC Ad Format GEOs Volumes Bid
ADULT POPUP US 50,322,691 $0.0003
POPUP IN  24,941,452 $0.0003
POPUP DE 23,907,481 $0.0003
POPUP FR 18,339,005 $0.0002
POPUP CN 9,672,668 $0.0014
DOMAIN US 224,197 $0.0078
DOMAIN DE 157,795 $0.0058
DOMAIN IN 77,201 $0.0015
DOMAIN FR  19,177 $0.0087
DOMAIN BE 6,650 $0.0234

NOTE: Remember that running adult content campaigns needs to follow the rules and regulations of a given traffic source. This is because adult content (including e.g. nudity and adult products) does not comply with mainstream guidelines. 

Valentine Push Ad Example


There’s money on the table…

There are people searching for products…

There are ads to be promoted…


What are you waiting for!? 

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