The Smart Way to Increase your Profits with Lower Frequency Capping

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Adjusted frequency capping can make your affiliate marketing campaigns great again. It’s a proven opportunity to get more traffic and increase your profits. Would you like to know how to do it? Well, you come to the right place!

There’s no need to introduce Bruce Lee to anyone. He was a well-known martial artist, actor, director and philosopher. What’s interesting, some of his quotations perfectly describe our business, although he had never heard about affiliate marketing.

Adapt what is useful, reject what is useless, and add what is specifically your own.

Those words have a lot in common with the everyday struggle with campaigns, optimization, and targeting stuff, right? I promise I’ll come back to Bruce the Affiliate later. Unlike Chuck Norris and that sweet little kitten – we have plenty of time… left.

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Targeting and Optimization Is a Key to Success

Picture this: You’ve set up a campaign, funds are there, ads are visible to a great number of people but the results are poor. Why is that? Well, first of all, despite what you may often hear, affiliate marketing is not the fastest way on the planet to become a billionaire.

Can you earn a lot in the business? Yes. Is it simple? No way! It’s a 24/7 job. If you’re not a newbie, you know how much time, creativity and cups of coffee it the middle of the night it takes to understand the basics and start making decent money.

Profitable campaigns from day one – that’s a great scenario but an extremely rare one. It more often requires hours of testing, smart targeting and optimizing one’s efforts. There are plenty of tools that may make your work easier. In this article, we will introduce you to the frequency capping, one of the filters available in the Zeropark Dashboard.

What Filtering Is and How It Can Improve Your Efforts

Imagine you want to advertise a dating app for love seekers living in Belgium. Oh, it works on Android and is appropriate for people of any age. Should you show your ad to everyone? Of course not. You have to target your audience first.

This is what filtering options are for. To profile your target you should use traffic filters, which allow you to target your audience by the desktop/mobile operating systems, browsers, and carrier.

As you can see, there are plenty of options to choose from to narrow your target to the desired audience for this specific dating app. You can also easily select a dedicated country and region/city as well. Another filter will help you to select non-adult traffic.

You have selected your audience. Now it’s time to take care of their expectations and experience. And this is what you need frequency capping for.

Make Your Audience Happy with Frequency Filters

Setting the frequency filter allows you to control how often your ad will be displayed to the same visitor (one unique user).

Why is it so important? Imagine a lazy Sunday afternoon. You’re just about to start reading a book you really like. It’s all set – you put your smartphone in airplane mode and a cup of tea/glass of wine is at your fingertips. All you have to do is to relax and dive into the world of your favorite characters.

Sounds great? Not really, as all you can hear is the buzzing of a mosquito flying somewhere close to your ears. At first, you just try to wave it away. But after a couple of minutes, it’s still there. Looking at you and waiting to interrupt once you start reading.

There are some words that come to your mind to describe that mosquito. One we can quote here is intrusive. Intrusive like an advertisement that’s bombarding your screen every time you switch it on. Even if you have designed a great campaign you don’t want to be like a mosquito for your audience.

Make them happy instead of mad and try frequency filters.

How to Setup Frequency Filters in the Zeropark Dashboard

As you already know, in the Zeropark Dashboard you can find many filtering options that help you target specific users. To set up filters, you need to choose a traffic type first and move to the targeting options.

Remember that frequency filters options are different for different types of traffic.

Push traffic:


Just pick one of the available options and decide how often your ad will be displayed to the same single user. Like any other filter, you have to use this one wisely. Conduct A/B testing, figure out what works best for your campaign/vertical.

Spend More to Earn More With Lenient Frequency Capping

You can use a frequency filter as you want to make your audience happy, avoid banner blindness and throwing your money away on someone who’s not interacting with your ads.

Fair enough. But you have to keep in mind that setting a frequency cap higher than one hour (pop/domain traffic) will limit the volume of available traffic. And you wouldn’t want your competition to step in and snatch a potential conversion that was right before your eyes, would you?

It means you need to find a balance for your performance between upsetting your audience and losing your traffic. Spend more to win more traffic (and thus – conversions) at the same time remember about the experience of your users.

Here are some of the possible benefits of using frequency capping in an optimal way:

  • it may give you a better CTR;
  • minimize the banner blindness effect; and
  • reduce campaigns costs or increase ROI

Setting up a frequency filter is a small step in creating a new campaign but on the other hand, it may be a significant one in targeting and optimizing your efforts.

I promised you more affiliate-related quotes from Bruce and here they are!

The successful warrior is the average man, with laser-like focus.

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Don’t take anything for granted, conduct as much A/B testing as possible, find what works best for your campaigns/verticals and increase your profits with lower frequency capping. Good luck!

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