Mastering Push Ads in Zeropark

Mastering push ads in Zeropark

Today we are excited to announce the launch of a new ad format at Zeropark – Push Ads.

Push ads are rapidly taking over the digital advertising space, providing new and efficient ways for advertisers to expand their client engagement strategies. Keeping the needs of our customers in mind, Zeropark team developed a robust system to run and support push ads, allowing you to target and reach highly-engaged clients directly anytime, anywhere.

What is a Push Notification

Push notifications are short interactive messages, very similar to SMS alerts, with an image and ad copy related to your offer.

They are delivered directly to ad recipient’s mobile or desktop device. Due to their nature, push ads are considered to be a new native ad format, offering all the perks of native advertising, such as cost-effectiveness, wide audience pool, and precise user targeting. Based on set preferences, the recipient of the ad is served non-intrusive relevant offers even when the recipient is not browsing. Meaning, advertisers can surgically target a highly engaged audience and generate an instant response.

Web push notifications come from websites. To start receiving them, users first need to opt in. Subscribed customers get only a limited number of notifications per day and can opt out any time. This makes push ads inherently user-friendly, ensuring high-quality traffic and engaged audiences for your campaigns.

Here is how push ads work:

  1. Users agree to receive notifications from a website
  2. Users get your push ad messages
  3. Users click the ad and go to your product or service page

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How Does Web Push Differ from Mobile App Push Notifications

Even though web and mobile or app push notifications look like identical twins, the process behind the two is completely different.

Mobile push notifications come directly from apps users download on their phones. So in order to run mobile push ads, advertisers must have apps.

Web push notifications, on the other hand, are designed to drive traffic to websites instead of apps and are accessible on all kinds of devices (desktop, mobile, and tablet). And it means that any website owner has an opportunity to send push messages to subscribed visitors.   

The Layout of Push Notifications

The basic structure of any push notification has the following parts (for your reference, we add Zeropark requirements for creative specs in the brackets):

  • Image (192x192px; .jpeg or .png; max 200Kb)
  • Headline or title (max 30 characters)
  • Description (max 75 characters) which contains a call-to-action and may include emojis

layout of push ads in zeropark

Browser and Platform Support

Push ads in Zeropark work on all main browsers, across various devices, and Operating Systems.

Supported OSes, Devices and Browsers in Zeropark Push Ads campaigns

Browsers: Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Edge
Devices: desktop, tablet, phone
OSes: Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android

The Benefits of Running Push Ad Campaigns

In comparison to other ad formats and traffic acquisition methods, push notifications offer some distinctive advantages.

Boosted Engagement and Outreach: users subscribe to web notifications to stay connected to relevant information they care about. With push ads, you are getting access to audiences worldwide who are engaged and genuinely interested in your service or product.

High-Quality Traffic and Excellent Performance: push ads have proved to be a super efficient mechanism for various kinds of ad campaigns, including those for user acquisition and retention. It’s a great way to speak directly to the customer, cutting through the internet noise and avoiding any sort of intermediary. Since users consciously give their consent to receive notifications from websites, this ensures a 100% real user audience and eliminates the risk of bot presence.

High Visibility and Instant Ad Delivery: sent directly from a browser, push ads are instantly delivered to users’ screens (phone, desktop or tablet), appearing right in the users eyeline. This leads to higher visibility and click-through rates (CTR) in comparison with traditional ad formats. Based on set preferences, the recipient of the ad is served non-intrusively with relevant offers even when not browsing. This helps advertisers surgically target a highly engaged audience and generate an instant response.

A/B Testing and Advanced Customization Options: the ultimate goal of any push notification is not only to catch users’ attention but also to initiate a specific action from their side. With push ads, advertisers have broad opportunities to run A/B tests for various creatives (texts and images), make tweaks, creative variations, and adjust them to determine what is working best to engage their target users.

What to Promote with Push Ads

Push Ads in Zeropark are served on a CPC (cost-per-click) basis. This means advertisers pay every time users click through ads on their devices. Push notifications work exceptionally well for all types of CPA-based ad campaigns, from brand awareness to special deals and offers. Among categories which standout are the following:

  • E-Commerce
  • Travel & Hospitality
  • Legal & Insurance
  • Job Search
  • News & Entertainment
  • Finance
  • Mobile Apps & Games
  • Gambling & Sports Betting
  • Coupons
  • Video Streaming
  • Dating
  • Health & Beauty

Push notifications can be a really powerful tool in your promotional mix if utilized correctly. Campaigns that get the ad copy, timing and frequency right, have a proven track record of success and the highest performance rates.

As push ads work in real-time, creatives should be strong enough to engage users and encourage them to take immediate action. Custom icons, emojis, compelling, crisp and concise ad copy will add value and a personal touch, and motivate subscribers to take action.

Timing and frequency are critical. If you want your push ads to drive results, send them at the right time. Poorly timed push notifications will alienate users and produce weak results.

Run tests to prove your assumptions, try several ad copy variants to see what works best for your audience and offer.  

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