Zeropark won the Performance Marketing Innovation Award

Łukasz Pośpiech

This year’s MarTech Breakthrough Awards are finally here!

And we’re happy to share that Zeropark found itself in the narrow group of companies recognized in the 2022 edition.

MarTech Breakthrough is an industry-acclaimed body that brings recognition to brands and companies that stand out in marketing automation, content marketing, conversion optimization, event management, marketing leadership, and many more (and as it appears – it’s us!).

The laureates are chosen by veteran industry leaders, which makes this accomplishment even more meaningful.

The fact that our platform has been rewarded in the “Performance Marketing Innovation Award” category not only makes us proud but also proves that our focus on innovation brings results.

As an advertising performance agency concentrated on providing future-proof and the most up-to-date solutions for brands and publishers, Zeropark always prioritized user experience. And we have always understood the power of brand-safe traffic.

By utilizing this intuition and combining it with development abilities, Zeropark became the environment where every party involved benefits – advertisers, publishers, and audiences.

We’re happy to see that the industry notices our evolution and innovation and that Zeropark improvements in all fields have been brought to light and appreciated. Driving performance and setting ad tech and mar tech trends has been our point of focus for years now, and we’re happy to announce that there is more to come from us.

Other laureates

MarTech Breakthrough Awards have gathered industry leaders, and Zeropark’s presence with them is a big ennoblement. We are proud to have been awarded alongside:

  • Adobe (Best Graphic Design Software)
  • HubSpot (Best Content Sharing Platform)
  • Google Analytics (Best Web Analytics Solutions)
  • Performics (Best PPC Optimization Platform)
  • Nielsen (Best Overall SEM Solution)
  • Zoom (Best Online Meeting Software) 
  • 6sense (Best Lead Management Solution)
  • Kantar (Best Interaction Data Analytics Solution)
  • and many more!

This kind of evidence of appreciation, especially coming from recognized entities, propels us. Let’s hope to see our name awarded again – only in 2023 and in years to come. And congratulations to every brand included in the 2022 MarTech Breakthrough Awards nominees and laureates!

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Łukasz Pośpiech

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