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5 Tips to Improve the Longevity of Your Affiliate Campaigns

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Affiliate marketing campaigns can be very short-lived. It’s especially frustrating when you find a performing offer, but before you realize it’s worth scaling, the ROI starts to decline because you did not get time to optimize. However, there are a few techniques you can try to preserve high-performance campaigns… With this in mind, today we bring you five tips to increase the longevity of your campaigns!

1. Keep Your Creatives Fresh

No matter whether you run redirect ads, display ads, native or push notifications, you really should invest in a landing page. As a matter of fact, a few of them.

Direct linking to an offer rarely works in affiliate marketing. You need this extra stepping stone to generate a demand for the promoted goods or services. It’s quite a competitive business, and ad spying tools contribute to stuffing the internet with very similar landing pages. That’s why you should always try to be one step ahead of the competition.

Remember to measure and repeatedly check the performance of your landing pages. Not just the click-through rate or the number of sessions, but also the on-page behavior. For advanced landing page auditing, you need to go beyond Google Analytics. Try tools like Hotjar to measure the scroll depth and determine the hot zones of your websites.

With all this data in your hands, it’s easy to identify the elements that don’t perform well, whether it’s the copy, images or videos or the call-to-action button placement. When your campaign starts showing signs of going south, it’s time to switch things up.

Sometimes altering elements on your landing page won’t be enough. That’s why you could use a few different landing pages.

Same goes for ad creatives. They also need to be altered when the CTR starts dropping. It’s useful to run a split test of your creatives whenever possible, so you know what kind of graphics and/or copy work better than others.

Keeping your creative assets fresh and different from competitors’ will surely give your campaigns an extra boost and improve their longevity.

2. Scale Up Well-Performing Sources and Placements

“If you liked it, then you should have put a ring on it” – Beyonce.

When buying traffic from an ad exchange, you see an overview of publishers and placements your campaign appears at. Constant revision of both the sources (publishers) and targets (placements) tabs in your ad platform is a fundamental part of campaign optimization.

These tabs show you where you’re losing money, and where you’re making profit. Make use of that. Pause the ones that aren’t any good, and increase your bid on the ones that are profitable. This is a very simple strategy that can do wonders for your campaign’s efficiency and extend their lifetime. And you don’t even have to do it yourself. If you want to save time, rely on rule-based optimization or AI algorithms to make the most of your campaigns for you.

You can be almost certain, however, that the well-performing placements will also get noticed by your competition – other advertisers. That’s why you need to evaluate how much your new bid should be so that it buys more traffic than the rest.

Before you take any action on your sources or targets, make sure the sample size is big enough. Don’t rush to increase your bid as soon as you see the first conversion. You don’t want to miss a chance of scaling up, but being patient in the first two or three days of running a campaign will prevent you from both overspending and missing out on valuable placements.

3. Keep a Broad Campaign Open

Insights about superior and subpar sources and targets are extremely valuable. That’s why it’s important to always keep a broad (Run-of-Network or Keyword) campaign open. This way you can ensure being plugged to the stream of newly added publishers and placements.

Monitoring the performance of a wide and updated array of sources and targets helps you quickly identify the new, hottest placements in the platform, and get an advantage over your competition.

This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t pause sources or targets in your RON campaign as long as you give every one of those a solid chance to bring you conversions. Such optimized broad campaigns will definitely help you keep your whitelist campaigns fresh by providing you insights on what sources and targets you should add to those whitelists.

4. Run Whitelist Campaigns and Keep Them Up to Date

This point is pretty much a follow-up action to keeping a broad campaign open. Once you’ve identified the sources and targets that bring the best results, it’s time to create a whitelist campaign.

What’s the difference between a whitelist campaign and a broad campaign with paused subpar sources? The broad campaign will keep receiving traffic from new sources, while whitelists will only buy traffic from the sources you choose.

Whitelist campaigns are set up in the same way as other campaigns, the difference being the first step, where rather than RON, you need to either choose a Target or a Source campaign, and the last step in which you upload the list of targets or sources.

You can always throw in additional placements even after the campaign starts. That’s why you need a broad campaign open. Whenever you identify a new, great placement, add it to your whitelist campaign.

It’s important to feed your whitelist campaigns with new sources and targets as it has a direct and positive impact on your campaigns’ longevity. It’s especially important for push traffic, as it relies heavily on publishers, so the differences between targets aren’t as visible.

5. Black Hat? No, thanks.

Last but not least – stay away from shady tactics.

Getting a quick profit using black hat techniques may be tempting. Yet, it’s a straight way to lose. Black hat tactics are getting easier and easier to detect by all parties, so even if you see profits coming at first, don’t expect to get paid and prepare to get banned for life by your traffic source, tracker and affiliate network.

Having some particular audience of subscribers and visitors carries a responsibility for the quality of content you are serving them. Long-term audience trust is way more valuable than short-term, questionable profit. That’s why publishers don’t put up with dirty tricks. One scam can cost them everything.

Staying away from shady tactics and keeping it clean will improve the amount of traffic you can buy, and hence, the longevity of your campaigns.

Extend the lifetime of your campaigns.

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