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What is Zero Click Domain Redirect Traffic?

Also known as parked domain traffic or zero-click, domain redirect traffic is a way of delivering users to your landing pages through redirects. When a user types in a parked domain URL (for example by misspelling), they will immediately get redirected to the advertised website. It’s as simple as that!

How Do Parked Domain Redirects Work?


A user types in a parked domain URL in the address bar of their browser.


As the website loads, a real-time bidding auction among the advertisers begins.


The highest bidder’s landing page is displayed. The entire process takes under a second!

Advantages of Domain Redirect Advertising

Advertisers all around the world value domain redirect ads because they are:


Users land on your site just as they enter a parked domain URL. No waiting, no extra windows, full visibility of your ad.


Starting from just $0.0003 per view depending on your targeting settings. Domain Redirect Ads convert even on a tight budget.


Want to only acquire visitors based on their interests? You can target your ads based on URLs and keywords!

Easy to set up

Select your budget, targeting options, enter the destination URL and start making profits in under a minute.

What's Parked Domain Advertising Good For?

Every day our customers find success with parked domain traffic advertising the following verticals:

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Zeropark’s Domain Redirect Ads

Zeropark is the best source of parked domain zero click traffic for your marketing campaigns. We offer:

  • Multiple Campaign Types
  • High Traffic Volumes
  • Bespoke Account Management
  • Fast Campaign Approval
  • Easy Setup
  • Competitive Prices
  • Manual and Automatic Bot Filtering
  • Dedicated Support

How Much Does Zero Click Traffic Cost?

Zeropark’s zero-click traffic works on a CPV (cost-per-view basis) and starts and $0.0003 per impression. Estimate your zero-click campaigns’ costs with our Traffic Calculator tool:

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Zeropark has been delivering conversions to thousands of marketers all around the world since 2012. Join the ad network used by the pros.

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