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Native at Heart

Push ads offer a non-intrusive, user-friendly and highly engaging way for advertisers to reconnect and expand their audiences.

Performing exceptionally well for almost any type of advertising campaign, these interactive ad messages are delivered directly to users' mobile or desktop devices anytime, anywhere.

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Web Push Notifications vs. App Push Notifications

Surely you’re familiar with regular push notifications — those little alerts sent by your favorite apps. Zeropark Push Ads look similar, however, there are a few fundamental differences in where they’re coming from.

Most push notifications you receive come from apps you’ve installed on your phone — these are the so-called app push notifications. You can usually adjust what kinds of alerts you want to receive in the app’s settings.

Web push notifications (the one leveraged by Zeropark Push Ads) are generated by websites and displayed by your browser — not apps. That’s why, aside from Android mobile devices, push ads are also common on desktop.


How do Web Push Notifications work?


Users voluntarily agree to receive push notifications from a website.


Your ad is then delivered to users’ mobile or desktop devices in a form of a push notification, even when they’re not currently browsing the web.


Upon clicking the push notification ad, users are immediately redirected to your landing page or directly to the promoted offer.

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Combining Web Push Notifications With Advertising

Zeropark lets you turn web push notifications into an effective form of advertising.

We work with top publishing partners that give us access to millions of web push subscribers. Simply input your notification text, add a small image, and advertise to your audience within minutes.

Proven benefits of Push Advertising

Unmatched Reach

Supported by all major browsers and OSes, push ads offer a worldwide reach of 300 million users across all devices.

Unparalleled Ad Visibility

Push ads are delivered to users’ devices even when they’re not actively engaging with them — bringing high efficiency for your campaigns.

High-Quality Traffic

Users must subscribe if they wish to receive website notifications. This ensures a 100% real-user audience.

Extraordinary Performance

Push ads bring higher CTR than traditional ad formats, leading to more conversions from highly engaged users.

Advanced Customization

Push ads are fully customizable. Decide on your ad text and images, set the campaign timing and frequency for the best results.

Reach iOS users with In‑page Push New

Introducing In-Page Push — a new, effective traffic type that lets you reach more customers, even on iOS.

How do In-page Push Notifications work?

In-page push was designed to imitate web push notifications. Contrary to web push, in-page push ads can be displayed across all devices. That’s because they’re not triggered by the browser itself. This ad format, also known as On-Page Push, is delivered and displayed directly by the website.

Once users scroll up or down the website, a notification message is displayed in the corner. Upon clicking, users are redirected to the ad’s landing page or advertised website.

Don’t let iPhone users miss out on your offers!

Multiple Creatives

Now you can A/B test your Push Ads campaigns by uploading up to 10 different copy-image combinations. The traffic will be distributed evenly among your ads, so you can see which creatives give you best results.


Use cases for Push Ad marketing campaigns

Push notification campaigns work really well with a lot of different industries and niches. But they work especially well with these examples of sure-fire push marketing campaigns.

  • eCommerce — with sale announcements and discounts
  • Surveys and sweepstakes — with enticing rewards
  • Mobile app downloads — within the Utilities category
  • Gambling and sports betting — around the time of big sports events

What’s the cost of Push advertising?

Push Ads in Zeropark work on the CPC (Cost-Per-Click) pay only when a user clicks through your ad. Start bidding at just $0.005, depending on the GEO.

Note: What’s considered a good testing budget for most push marketing campaigns is anything above $300.

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