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The Best Affiliate Marketing Courses And Free Resources Top 10

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Affiliate marketing courses are everywhere if you are new to the industry. But how do you know which one is right for you?

Well, we will help you with that. Here we have 10 affiliate marketing courses that should help you to make more money, or at least help you understand where you could be losing money.

But wait, there’s more, we’re recommending the best free resources that can help you out when you are on a budget, too!

Read this comprehensive guide to find out which 10 affiliate marketing courses you need to sign up for, and which free affiliate marketing resources will help you learn more too.

Everything you need to learn about affiliate marketing

We know that when you are just starting out in affiliate marketing that there is a lot to get your head around, and lots of new acronyms to learn. That’s why we want to show you where to go for the best affiliate marketing knowledge, from people that have made it their career.

The first thing you need to learn is that there is a ton of free content online about affiliate marketing, and we’ll share some of that with you throughout this article. Once you choose your niche, and which platform that you would like to help you make money, then we suggest you head to their blog, as that will have plenty of advice for free on many aspects of the industry.

Alternatively, you can check out the YouTube channel of any number of ad networks or super affiliates to get tutorials on how each platform will help you earn a profit. And apart from the free resources, these affiliate experts offer, you can usually find more exclusive, paid programs.

Then there are the affiliate community forums which will help you out if you are stuck with an optimization method or are just getting started and need a hand. And then if none of these have helped you, you can always find solace in the Google search engine results page, after all, it does have the answer to nearly every question.

So, class is in session, and we hope you note down which of these you find interesting to help you scale up your affiliate marketing campaigns.

Affiliate student learning from courses

10 best online affiliate marketing courses (with examples)

This is why you’re here, to learn which affiliate marketing courses you can really learn from! That’s why we’ve searched the web for the best affiliate marketing training so that you don’t have to. We’ve found ten that will apply to Zeropark affiliates specifically.

So, let’s dive into the top affiliate marketing courses with the first one on the list!

CPA Crash course

Learning CPA Marketing From the Experts is a course run on Udemy that gives you knowledge on one of the most important things you can learn in affiliate marketing, CPA, or as you’ll find out, cost per acquisition (or action)! This is an important metric for you to understand as it will determine the profitability of the majority of your affiliate marketing campaigns. So, this is a great place to start if you want to learn affiliate marketing from the basics.

  • Advantages: A good overview for beginners.
    Also, lifetime access is useful, so you can go back and check it whenever you want.
  • Disadvantages: A little out of date, could be updated with more recent info.
  • Course length: 6 hours.
  • Price: $16.

Commission Hero

Commission Hero is run by another successful affiliate marketer Robby Blanchard. It focuses on Facebook and ClickBank, so, if these aren’t what you are using for your affiliate campaigns this might not be the one for you.

However, there is a lot to learn about both of these platforms so if that’s where you like to earn your commission then get yourself signed up. It also helps you to find products that are good to promote to your audience which can be helpful for beginners.

While it is a course that is suitable for both beginner and experienced affiliates, it’s not the cheapest one out there. You will need to fork out $997 for this course.

  • Advantages: A course given by an affiliate expert.
  • Disadvantages: The sign-up fee is quite expensive and you need to be using ClickBank and Facebook Ads Manager to get the full benefit of the course.
  • Course length: Not applicable.
  • Price: $997 or two payments of $597.

Deberoo by Colin Dijs

Deberoo is run by Colin Dijs who has made it big in the affiliate marketing industry. In this affiliate marketing course, you will be taught alongside your affiliate peers, who can help raise questions that you might not have thought of, or suggest ways of optimizing your campaigns that you haven’t tried, and Colin will give his advice on whether these theories might work in the real world. That’s what makes it great affiliate marketing training as you get a community and an expert in one course.

Besides the basics, you get advanced and detailed tips on how to set up and optimize your campaigns. The focus of this course is on Facebook, Native, and Push ads, which Colin has used to make money with in the past.

In addition, you get access to some great affiliate marketing tools such as a tracker, a landing page builder, and more which can really benefit your campaigns. Although the course is quite expensive, the guidance seems to be more hands-on than other courses, which are simply recordings.

We would suggest you try this course if you are at the intermediate to advanced level of affiliate.

  • Advantages: Live training and expert advice from someone who actually makes money with affiliate marketing.
  • Disadvantages: The cost is prohibitive to beginner affiliates, it is a real business investment.
  • Course length: Monthly subscription gives 3hrs live weekly classes and unlimited training materials.
  • Price: €297 per month.

Free Beginner Affiliate Marketing Course

FREE Affiliate Marketing Course for Beginners is from affiliate marketer Tyler Stokes, who shares his step-by-step method for newbies who want to start earning a full-time income from affiliate marketing. Now we know this one won’t be for everyone, as it’s at the beginner level, but it might be useful for those of you who are just starting out.

This free affiliate marketing training will teach you how to start affiliate marketing, if you’re an absolute beginner, you don’t know what niche to choose, and you have no prior experience!

There is downloadable material and video content which make it easy to follow too, especially for beginners.

  • Advantages: It’s free!
    It covers the basics for those who need to learn them for the first time or are needing a refresher course.
  • Disadvantages: It’s a little short and doesn’t go into as much detail as some people might want.
  • Course length: 2.5 hours.
  • Price: FREE! 

affLIFT Push Mastery

This AffLIFT Push Mastery course is delivered on one of the most popular affiliate marketing forums, affLIFT, which has informational content like this available from affiliate marketing experts and amateurs. This course starts just above a basic level and runs through campaigns to highlight where money can be earned and lost. And once you have completed the course you will be able to say that you have achieved affiliate marketing mastery!

Well… in push ads at least.

  • Advantages: Real case studies from successful campaigns with such affiliate marketing platforms as Clickdealer, Zeropark, Voluum, Binom, and BeMob.
  • Disadvantages: Having to pay twice for access may be a barrier for some affiliates.
  • Course length: 45 lessons to cover, no length suggested.
  • Price: $79 in addition to the affLIFT membership fee ($20/month).

affLIFT Pop Guide

Similar to the course above, this AffLIFT Pop Guide course comes from the community at affLIFT but is geared to newbie affiliates with little to no experience this time. This comprehensive 14 stage guide goes through the dos and don’ts of running affiliate marketing campaigns with pop traffic. It’s recommended for those who have got a taste of affiliate marketing and want to start optimizing their pop campaigns. If that sounds like you, be sure to check it out.

  • Advantages: Content kept up to date.
  • Disadvantages: Affiliates have to pay for the forum for access to the course.
  • Course length: no suggested length.
  • Price: $20/month for affLIFT, membership then it’s free.

Affiliate Business Club

Affiliate Business Club has 8 courses available to affiliates from a beginner level through to conference level classes. The bonus is that some of the courses are taught by affiliate marketing legends such as Ian Fernando or Manu Cinca.

We suggest that you focus on the Affiliate marketing beginner guide which has 19 lessons and gets into more detail than other basic level courses.

After that, there is a push introduction course which would make a follow-up course, to help you build affiliate marketing push campaigns that bring in conversions. Both courses come with certifications which you can put on your LinkedIn or Facebook page after the course is complete, which is always nice to see, as it means they are serious about the content of the course. And the bonus is that they are both on the list as free affiliate marketing courses.

  • Advantages: A good range of courses available, at differing abilities.
  • Disadvantages: There could be more at the advanced level.
  • Course length: 19 or 7 lessons.
  • Price: FREE!

Google Ads Training 2021

Ultimate Google Ads Training 2021: Profit with Pay Per Click is the full name for the course that should up your PPC ads game. It can be found on Udemy, and starts with the basics and covers everything you need to know about the biggest ad network in the world, Google Ads. This knowledge can also be taken and applied to other areas of internet marketing such as social media marketing if you don’t fall in love with Google Ads.

It might also be the best affiliate marketing course on the list if you have just read the article on the top 10 PPC affiliate marketing programs!

  • Advantages: A great guide to PPC that covers all that is needed.
  • Disadvantages: Content that repeats itself in parts.
  • Course length: 26hrs.
  • Price: $19.

ClickBank success

Affiliate Marketing Without A Website is an affiliate marketing course that does exactly what it says on the tin. It’s for people who want to make money with affiliate marketing without the hassle of SEO, and building your own affiliate website. As you might have guessed it is tailored to those already using the ClickBank platform but that doesn’t mean the learning points don’t apply to other affiliate marketplaces ad exchanges or ad networks too.

  • Advantages: Updated regularly with new content.
    The teacher responds to queries from the students.
  • Disadvantages: The course is not free and other affiliate marketing tools are suggested to be useful within the class which is an additional cost.
  • Course length: 3 hours.
  • Price: $19.

Voluum Academy

Voluum Academy is one of the newest affiliate marketing courses out there and worth a try if you want to get the edge over your competition. And the best thing is that they offer 3 courses completely free and with a certificate of completion that you can share on your LinkedIn or Facebook page!

The three courses walk you through the basics of affiliate marketing through to the optimization of your campaigns. This goes above and beyond to help affiliates using their platform to succeed, so if you’re using Voluum already, or keen to try it then check out their useful video explainer courses.

  • Advantages: Up to the minute content from 2021.
    A clear message in video format.
    Created by affiliate industry leaders.
    A wide range of materials and ways to test your knowledge.
    Partner deals and bonuses are available.
  • Disadvantages: It requires a little time and effort.
  • Course length: 3 hours each for the first two, and 4-5 hours for the more advanced third course.
  • Price: FREE!Free resources books

A list of affiliate marketing’s best free resources

The affiliate marketing courses were just the beginning for the available resources that an affiliate marketer has access to. There are more free resources that can help unlock extra potential in your affiliate marketing campaigns. For example, there are affiliate marketing forums, influencers /industry leaders, and blogs that can teach you something for free.

Affiliate marketing forums (with examples)

The first thing you learn in affiliate marketing even before you sign up for a course is that there are affiliate marketing forums, which will help to answer any question you might have, about the industry.

And it’s not only the members that are useful but also the resources they leave up there for you. For example, there are landing pages, creatives, and useful custom tools for determining campaign performance which can be found there.

So, if that sounds like your kind of community then take a look below at the top affiliate marketing forums in the industry.

Affiliate marketing forums


affLIFT is run by one of the super affiliates we mentioned above – Luke Kling. It’s got loads of content for both advanced, and beginner affiliates to check out.

There are also some moderators with years of experience such as Servando Silva, who help with moderation and answering any questions you might have as an affiliate marketer.

The topics covered by affiliate networks and marketers range from push ads to social media as well as PPV and some SEO too.

The subscription is $20 which is good value compared to some of the others and there is also a lifetime option for $350 which may be a good idea if you know you are in the affiliate industry for the long term. And there is a bonus public area that you can view for free before forking out for the subscription first.

In addition, some contests are run sometimes where knowledgeable affiliates can share what they have learned for the chance to win some money. Although these do tend to happen more often in Q4, so, be sure to check them out then.


STM literally means Stack That Money, so, if you are looking to earn money in affiliate marketing this might be the forum for you. However, it will set you back some of that hard-earned commission too as a monthly subscription starts at $99.

But seriously, this affiliate forum is one of the oldest in the affiliate world. It offers comprehensive tutorials on push pop domain redirect ads, as well as social ads like YouTube and Facebook, alongside additional free resources.

They also have guides like the $1 guide to your first conversion which helps new affiliate marketers make their first money in the industry.

If organization is your thing, then the threads on this forum will fill you with delight, as many topics have their own niche area. So, no matter what you are looking for in affiliate marketing, you are bound to find it here. That being said, the most popular sections on STM are mobile and adult traffic, and Facebook ads.


iAmAffiliate is the home of everything affiliate marketing and is run by super affiliate Attila O’dree. The forum comes with a $49.95 price tag per month, or $599.00 for a year membership, which may be worth considering if you want to get repeated value from this fountain of knowledge.

There are also step-by-step tutorials from beginner to advanced levels that have screenshots and a good level of detail, as well as video explanations, to help you get the most out of the training. Just like on other affiliate forums, there are follow alongs, which help you learn from other affiliates’ campaigns or start your own one, to have it critiqued by other community members, which might give you the advice to improve it.

In addition, there are six and seven-figure case studies that show how it is possible to make millions of dollars from passive income in affiliate marketing.


AffiliateFix is one of the oldest forums out there and is perfect for beginners and advanced affiliates because it’s free. We’ve said it before that the best things in the affiliate marketing industry are free and AffiliateFix is one of those things.

There is a focus on affiliate news and trends aimed at those who make this their business. It’s also a place to find vendors that are showing off their new resources or updates as well as an area for affiliate networks to tell you about new affiliate marketing programs to join. This is the place affiliate marketers need to be to check out which offers are converting and which to avoid.

Just like the other forums you’ll find follow alongs to learn from as well as case studies with bigger budgets and frequently asked questions.

However, it can be argued that the value comes from the community and the ability for affiliates to network with each other and share industry knowledge. There is also an option to upgrade your account which will set you back $67 for a year, but will grant you access to some premium content. That might only be necessary if you are a more advanced affiliate marketer though but it is still cheaper than some other forum subscriptions.

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Affiliate marketing influencers  (with examples)

As you will probably know from the contents of this article, many of the big names in affiliate marketing have their own courses, usually, they also have insightful websites, and forums, to utilize too. And while some of these forums require payment to sign up, there are also free versions or free content from these guys that you can check out.

Attila O’dree

Attila is the man behind both the iAmAttila blog, and iAmAffiliate forum, and many other successful affiliate marketing ventures. He has written books, how-to guides, and given courses on making money online after becoming a super affiliate.

He has become an expert in nearly every ad format from Google, native, Facebook to push ads and has released guides on verticals such as nutra, e-commerce, and lead generation.

If you’re looking to learn from him we’d suggest heading to his blog which has most of his free learning resources. Whether you are looking to choose an ad format or a niche that will perform well with that ad format you’ll most likely find the information you need there.

So, if you read all of the how-to guides on Attila’s site then you should be well on your way to understanding most of the goings-on in affiliate marketing.

Colin Dijs

We mentioned Colin above as he is the man behind Deberoo, which helps affiliates learn how to make money online. He made his money through running CPA offers focusing on Facebook, native, and push ad formats.

He has many irons in the fire though, as he also is in charge of a successful YouTube channel (with over 26k subscribers) that has walkthrough videos of his real campaigns and how he made or didn’t make money by following certain steps. He also runs a website that highlights what is hot in the industry right now with guides on nearly every topic you can think of. Then he teaches you how to apply it either through the Dijs University, or via Deberoo which are both platforms that offer courses with hands-on affiliate marketing campaigns examples.

One more area where you can learn from Colin is via the Affiliate CPA Marketing for Beginners with Colin Dijs Facebook group. As you might expect, you’ll be able to find more CPA content aimed at the beginner level and you can ask other affiliates or Colin himself a question relating to your own CPA campaigns there.

Servando Silva

As we have already mentioned Servando helps to moderate the affLIFT community forum, but that shows you the caliber of the affiliate he is already.

Servando embodies the work from anywhere in the world mentality after moving to Thailand to run affiliate marketing campaigns from the beach, proving that it is possible to have the life you want in this industry.

It states on his website that he doesn’t offer a course like the other affiliate gurus, but does run a blog that has some useful tips for those who want to learn from an expert. His area of expertise is mobile traffic and has been successful in this corner of the market for years.

He wants his advice to be free and available to beginners, as he has found value in that as an affiliate before.

affiliate marketing influencers header

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Affiliate marketing blogs

Blogs are the place where some affiliates make their money but these aren’t the ones we are interested in in this section, rather the blogs that teach you something about affiliate marketing without charging you a thing.

So, without further ado here is our list of affiliate marketing blogs that we think you can check out!

Voluum Blog

Voluum is another familiar name from the list of the best affiliate marketing courses above and is also well known in the industry for its ad tracker, and on top of all that, they have an insightful blog covering everything digital and affiliate marketing.

Although they operate one of the most popular ad trackers in affiliate marketing the articles cover a range of topics relating to digital marketing from email marketing to social media content, to articles on which affiliate program to pick.

But don’t worry, they will highlight ways to improve your affiliate marketing campaigns via professional guidance on how best to optimize your tracker for the best results.

So, if you are looking to boost your ad tracking knowledge this might be the blog for you and your affiliate business.


Mobidea Academy is a blog belonging to one of the best mobile Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) affiliate networks in the industry. The majority of the articles are written on the subject of mobile affiliate marketing campaigns and how to best optimize them. You may also find some of the super affiliates or influencers in the many articles written by Mobidea’s team on the topic of mobile advertising.

You may also want to check out the ‘Learning Paths’ part of their blog, which takes it from a normal blog to an academy in which you can test your knowledge on different topics.

If you can’t choose whether you want an affiliate marketing blog, or an affiliate marketing course, then this might be the place to head to first.

The Zeropark Blog

This learning resource needs no introduction, after all, you are here already! But that doesn’t mean that you know everything about this place. There’s always more to learn here at Zeropark and there are plenty of topics to choose from starting with the basics and going into granular detail depending on what you are looking for.

So, take a look around, and see what piques your interest, there are over 160 articles for you to choose from!

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The best things in life are free – that includes affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing can be an expensive business, which is why it helps when every once in a while someone comes along with a free course, blog, website, or resource that helps you to earn more with your affiliate campaigns.

After all, the best ROI comes when you learn something for free, and make a profit from it.


Hopefully, you know by now whether you need a beginner course, or want to try something more advanced. This list should help you with both of these options.

And maybe you’re not ready to shell out hundreds of dollars on a new course just yet. Trying out one of the free resources available might help you out without breaking the bank.

Whatever you are looking for to help boost your knowledge for your affiliate marketing business, we’re sure you’ll find something useful here.


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