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How to break the bank running push for eCommerce in Q4 2021?

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You must have already heard that e-commerce is the king of verticals for Q4 2021. If you haven’t… Well, there’s definitely some catching up to be done.

But if e-commerce is the best choice for this season, then what should you pair it with to break the bank? Search, injection, and pop traffic seem to be the winners this year. However, let’s not forget about the user-friendly push, especially for e-commerce’s close cousins – shopping vouchers and sweepstakes. 

If push advertising is your go-to ad format and you want to be sure you’re making the best choices for your affiliate business, read the article below and find out how to make profits running e-commerce push ads in Q4 2021.

Push ads are the way to go – Be direct and effective 

The last quarter of every year is a very special season for affiliate marketers all over the world. Regardless of what holidays people celebrate in each region, October, November, and December are filled with advertising opportunities. Even during those trying times, people don’t seem to be losing their holiday spirit. 

Consumers are still very excited about the autumn vibes and Halloween celebrations. The most important thing for the affiliate industry is that nobody has forgotten this is indeed a special season and people are still on the lookout for bargains. 

And that’s exactly where push ads and website push notifications come into play. Hunting for bargains doesn’t always mean pulling all-nighters researching the web. Sometimes it means checking out every single opportunity that appears on the horizon… or on your smartphone’s screen in the form of a push notification. And don’t forget web push notifications deliver money-saving ads on desktop devices too.

Push ads are the most direct form of advertising. They appear straight on users’ desktop or mobile devices and are almost impossible to miss. While e-commerce in its purest form excels with other ad formats such as search ads and injection pop ads, push ads are ideal for hyping up the shopping craze with sweepstakes and giveaways.

No matter what ad format you go for, this is a very lucrative season for any shopping and buying-related vertical.

Why is it a special season for affiliate marketers?

Because people go crazy on the gift-shopping hype and the demand goes through the roof.

Almost anything can be a gift now during lockdown when people have taken up new hobbies and are eager to try new things. Ads with bizarre gift ideas might, for once, be completely welcome. Anything that would break the dull routine and make people forget about the stressful reality is a good thing to advertise. 

Also, nothing puts people in a shopping mood as much as Q4. It’s a season full of opportunities with the biggest e-commerce event of the year – the Black Friday & Cyber Monday Weekend. Any ad that says it’s a special Black Friday/Cyber Monday bargain is bound to attract users’ attention. People want to shop, so it only makes sense to provide them with opportunities delivered straight to their desktop or mobile devices.

How do consumers benefit from the e-commerce craze?

Well, they get exactly what they’re looking for… only faster and cheaper. The period before the winter holidays is the busiest time of the year. Planning, shopping, and organizing are taking up every minute of their time and yet no one can be left without a gift. 

People really hunt for ideas. Each notification they get might be a potential bargain. Especially that e-commerce apps installed on their phones will be blowing up with special deals throughout the whole Q4. All you’re going to do is just push out yet another notification that catches the eye of an eager customer. 

Also, disguising your ads for just another push notification is going to make your Click-Through Rates go through the roof. And when customers are naturally on the lookout for hot deals, your propositions might just be the thing they need.

Don’t forget about sweepstakes and shopping vouchers! 

E-commerce works well on push. But there are other related verticals that work even better. We’re speaking, of course, about sweepstakes and shopping vouchers.

While the shopping craze rages on, the need or desire for freebies is stronger than ever. Budgets are almost always limited yet there are so many bargains, special occasions, and sales, that it’s hard to decide which ones to focus on. 

And this is exactly why shopping vouchers and sweepstakes are, overall, the best verticals for push ads in Q4. Who wouldn’t want to win a brand new flagship phone during the holidays? And who wouldn’t want to win a local supermarket shopping voucher to really splash out on those Holiday dinners? 

The opportunities here are endless, so just make sure to add some sweepstakes and vouchers campaigns to your big e-commerce affiliate marketing plans for Q4!

Push ads angle ideas for e-commerce advertising in 2021

Now, the key to successful e-commerce (or sweepstakes and vouchers) Q4 campaigns is to make the right ad copy. Since you know you are competing against thousands of other shopping campaigns, you need to use as many tricks as you can gather up your sleeves.

The Q4 season can be characterized by distinct shopping events appearing one after the other. That’s why you should highlight your ads using the following angles:

  • End-of-season sale – Q4 is the end of the year. Various big e-commerce shops will be preparing for the shopping craze with end-of-season sales, bargains, buy one to get one free, 50% off, and all the other promotional tactics to get rid of their last year’s inventory. This is a good train to get on board, though. The fear of missing out will push people to act soon.
  • Special promotions – Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Thanksgiving, Halloween, or any other occasion calls for a special deal of some sort. People don’t want to miss out on those things so being up to date and always making sure to mention a holiday when presenting a new deal 
  • New collection – the Golden Quarter is the perfect time to advertise end-of-year sales… because the new collections are already in. Whether it’s clothing, gadgets, or electronics, fanboys and fangirls all over the world will be waiting for those brand new releases. “Brand New” is a keyword that just won’t go unnoticed. 
  • Brand anniversary – When you hear a “brand anniversary”, doesn’t a special deal come naturally to mind? Because it does for us. Companies tend to celebrate their birthdays by presenting once-in-a-year kinds of amazing deals. It’s worth remembering that these sorts of deals last for an extremely short time and that’s exactly why they attract those clicks like nothing else. 

push for e-commerce examples

Push ads creative ideas for e-commerce in 2021

Angles are important but they’re just the base on which you build your ads. The creatives and the copy are the real deal! It’s a pretty popular topic and we’ve talked about push notification copy before. We’ve also prepared a couple of fresh tips to help you make your web push notification ads stand out.

Simplicity is the key!

Your copy needs to be focused on something. Make it short, concise, and straight to the point so that your audience will have no problem understanding it. Whether it’s laziness or busyness, people won’t bother reading a short detailed, and convoluted description of why they should click on your ad. 

Be as straightforward as possible. No one has the time to read a story on a push ad notification.

The fear/regret of missing out is real!

Almost everyone has that sad experience of wanting to buy something and it no longer being in stock. Or worse, the thing no longer being discounted! FOMO and ROMO are excellent advertising tactics just because people want to feel they grabbed that chance when they could. These work well as web push notifications on desktop and well as on mobile devices.

Spending money on discounted things makes us feel like we’re saving and not spending at all. And if an offer is “today only” you wouldn’t want to miss it, would you?

Opinions are influential!

Recommendations are always good. If you see a product with thousands of favorable reviews you are bound to perceive it as a good, legitimate choice. People naturally care about social proof and that’s something that comes in handy in affiliate marketing campaigns. 

Yes, we do mean landing pages as well. Adding some comments, reviews and a statement about the number of satisfied users will make your ad significantly more attractive. 

Give your push notification advertising the five-star treatment with testimonials from those who use the products you are promoting.

Emojis are eye-catching!

Using such a native ad format as push advertising, you need to make sure your push notification ad won’t be dismissed as just another boring system notification. The ad copy needs to be well visible and hard to ignore. Remember about the rule of simplicity, but make sure you add a cherry on top… for example in the form of an emoji.

Not only are emojis eye-catching, but they also modify the tone of the message. From a dull and emotionless incentive, you can make a happy promise of lucky winnings and unique purchases.

Personalization is the key!

We all want push notifications that are tailor-made for us whether it’s a text from your friend or a discount code to your favorite store. However, it’s rather difficult to highly personalize ads on ad exchange platforms, unlike on social media. What you can do, however, is focus on location, language, and time of day. Testing many variables ensures that you find that one gem of a campaign, and testing those variables with highly specific copies can give them an additional boost. This way you can personalize your push messages as much as possible.

Night sales, for campaigns run during late hours, mid-day special deals, and landers with vouchers for local supermarkets will make your audience feel like these ads are made especially for them.

dos and donts of push notifications

Don’t forget to hit that e-commerce craze from every angle. Shopping apps, vouchers, sweepstakes, gifts, and products should all be advertised during the Q4 season. As long as you feel comfortable stretching out your horizons, you should increase the variety of your campaigns to reach as many people as possible. 

If you’re in need of creative resources, we’ve gathered a comprehensive list of things you’re going to need while preparing for running ads in Q4 2021.


Even though e-commerce works excellent with various ad formats like search, pop, or domain redirects, you can definitely make it lucrative with push ads, too. Q4 is always a special season, but due to the pandemic, this year’s results are bound to give us thrills again!  

Running push ads now, as compared to the rest of the year, is different in a way that people are even more eager and motivated to engage than usual. You, as an affiliate advertiser, need to meet that demand. So, fill the ads with holiday spirit to match the mood and current trends. People will be constantly on the lookout for those special holiday bargains, which means tapping into a highly motivated audience has never been easier.

So.. have you gathered all those winning ideas? Planned your campaigns? Collected resources? In that case…


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