a guide to push notification ads optimization along with push notification ads displayed on mobile and desktop devices

The Push Notification Ads Optimization Guide

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Push notification ads are still relatively young and despite the success advertisers are having with them, push optimization remains an uncharted territory for many. Optimizing your ad campaigns is vital for their longevity and makes your ad spend way more efficient. This guide will show you how to find opportunities and optimize your push notification ads.

Setting Up Your Tracker

To identify the subpar or superb components of your campaign you first need to measure their performance. Your ad platform can show you the basic metrics of the traffic you’re buying, but only campaign trackers can give you the full outlook of your ads’ performance and offer built-in optimization tools.

If you’re using Voluum to manage your campaigns, you should definitely spend some time setting up offers, landers and implementing them in campaign paths. You can rely on Voluum’s AI algorithms to redirect most traffic to the best converting lander-offer combination.

This will already be a great first step towards the optimization of your ad spend.

Optimizing Push Creatives

Each push notification ad consists of three elements – an image, a headline, and a description. The first two seem to be the most important when it comes to grabbing recipients’ attention.

The image is very small, and advertisers often decide to go with an icon representing the promoted offer. This is a good idea, but pictures can convert just as well, as long as they are attractive, clear and not complicated.

For your headline, be as concise as possible. You only have a few words to sway your recipient. Tell what the offer is or what are the benefits of taking advantage. Use “power words” that create a sense of urgency and convince recipients to click.

In your description and headline, you can use emojis, which tend to increase the CTR. Beware though, that CTR isn’t always the best metric to compare push ads’ performance. The higher the CTR, the higher your spend, so tailored messages tend to be more efficient than broad ones.

For more details on crafting the perfect push ads copy, including examples, head over to this blog post.

Split Testing Push Creatives

Zeropark provides the possibility to split test your push creatives, using up to 10 ad variants simultaneously per campaign. Take up all the slots and make your adjustments after you see a reasonable amount of traffic.

Pause the creatives with subpar results to narrow down the traffic acquisition to only the best converting ones. Alternatively, you can create new ad variants in place of the paused ones. However, you shouldn’t jump the gun too soon. Give all your creatives a couple of days to make sure the sample size is significant.

If your traffic source doesn’t support multiple creatives, you can try running simultaneous campaigns with different ad variants.

Making Sense of Sources and Targets

After a few days of running a campaign, you should start digging the numbers presented to you by your ad platform.

Check the sources tab, showing you the results you’re having with particular push sources. In many instances, it may not reveal any inferior sources, but if it does, simply pause it to raise the efficiency of your campaign.

If you don’t see a source that’s bringing your numbers down, check out the targets tab. It shows you the individual placements of your push notification ads. Here you can block the least performing ones without cutting off the traffic from an entire source.

What if you identify sources or targets that bring better results than the rest? In this case, we would advise you to set custom, higher bids for those.

Increasing the global bid for your campaign can also help improve its results as the higher the bid, the higher quality traffic you’re buying. More expensive traffic has a shorter subscription time, meaning the recipients have been exposed to fewer notifications and have a greater chance of converting.

Running Whitelist Campaigns

If you let your campaign run long enough, you may observe a few sources and/or targets that do better than others. Instead of continually blocking the worse ones, in Zeropark you can run whitelist campaigns.

Just make a list of preferred sources or targets and start a target/source campaign. After setting it up, you will be able to upload your list.

The difference between whitelist campaigns and a RON campaign with blocked targets/sources is that new sources/targets are continually added in the case of RON campaigns, so you’d have to keep monitoring the campaign and blocking the unwanted sources of traffic that come up.

Landing Page Alteration

Direct linking, in the vast majority of instances, is significantly less effective than using landers. But you don’t only need to create one landing page. A/B testing your landers is vital for push notification ads optimization and you may have to switch them every few days if they stop converting.

An effective landing page is a simple one, with one call-to-action. Every piece of content and the design have to designed with one thing in mind: the conversion. Avoid any ambiguity and prepare a very focused messaging for your recipients.

The good news is that once you build a well-performing landing page, you can use it for many other campaigns in the future, with little to no adjustments.

When your campaign starts to stagnate, try different landers and push creatives. Eventually, its lifetime will come to an end anyway as you and your competitors exhaust the available audience.

Trying Different Offers

Just like with landers and creatives, you need to have a few offers you’re going to try out.

For starters pick three offers. If you can’t find success with any of those, and no optimization seems to work, get another set of offers. If you discover one that’s working, focus on it and try to optimize and scale up. Sometimes you will have to switch your offers every few days to keep being profitable.

The hottest verticals for push advertising right now include sweeps, mobile downloads, finance, and nutra.

Start Optimizing Your Push Ads Today

When followed, the tips in this guide will help you reach new levels of profit for your push notification ads. Just remember to be patient, wait for a reasonable sample size before you take actions, but also don’t stay too attached to the offer you’re running, as unfortunately, the offer remains the biggest factor when it comes to profitability.

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