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Welcome to the Zeropark Blog!

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We are live! Welcome to the grand premiere of the Zeropark Blog, a new go-to place on the web for beginner performance marketers, AdTech geeks, and those looking to make the most out of their Zeropark campaigns. We’re thrilled to launch this platform after months of preparation. But at this point, you might be wondering, who the heck are we

Excuse our manners and let us hurry with a little self-introduction.

Zeropark, if you haven’t heard about it before, is a well-acknowledged RTB pop and domain traffic network, and a product of a company called Codewise – one of the fastest-growing companies in Europe, according to The Financial Times, and the world’s 14th Most Valuable Brand in 2018, according to The Silicon Review.

This is an amazing feat if you realize that Codewise has been self-funded in its entirety by the CEO, Robert Gryn, who, maybe just like you, began his professional career in performance marketing.

Sharing Knowledge in Three Ways

We believe that the knowledge that helped us reach the top would be wasted to some extent if it wasn’t shared. That’s why we decided to create this blog. There will be three main categories of this blog to quench the thirst of all of you that may strive for different kinds of knowledge.

First of all, the Zeropark Blog will aim to educate future performance marketers and affiliates, as well as website and app owners who are looking for monetization. These two groups should look out for the Advertisers’ ABCs category, marked by green color.

Then, marked blue, there’s the ZP Academy. There, we will present you with insights regarding Zeropark itself. Follow this category for news regarding Zeropark’s newest features and tips on running your campaigns, as well as simply getting the most out of our platform.

Here, on the Zeropark Blog, we want to broaden your horizons, even if you already know all the ins and outs of performance marketing. We aren’t here only to welcome the beginners to the industry or guide you through Zeropark. We will work to provide you with food for thoughts by delivering unique, refreshing and amusing content under the Zeropark Lab category. These will be mostly data-driven articles and intriguing case studies. Watch out for red tiles on the blog’s homepage to stay up to date with the posts from the Zeropark Lab category.

Leave Your Imprint on This Blog

Since we don’t want to waste anybody’s time, here are a few articles ready for you to read.

Let’s start off with the Advertisers’ ABCs. Here, you will learn the basics of Real-Time Bidding.

If you’re completely new to the industry, open our affiliate marketing pricing models glossary in a new tab to decipher any unknown terms.

Then, check out our opening post from the Zeropark Lab category to learn why we decided to cut more than 75% of our inventory and what we achieved with that.

Lastly, we open up the ZP Academy by dropping some insightful knowledge about the benefits you can get from working with Zeropark’s Account Managers.

Most importantly, please don’t forget to post your comments below the articles. This will do wonders in building our relationship, and it will help us provide you with content better suited to your needs.

Enjoy and come back for more! You can also sign up for the blog newsletter using the box on right side of the page.


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  • Good stuff! It’s inspiring to hear about Robert Gryn starting CodeWise by self-funding, as a performance marketer.

    I’m very much looking forward to working with you all at ZP.

    Thanks, Bartosz.

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