How to Shine like a Football Star with Sports Betting Campaigns in 2022

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Football is a simple game. Twenty-two men chase a ball for 90 minutes and at the end, the Affiliates always win – that’s what Gary Lineker would probably tell you if he was an affiliate marketer and knew how to take advantage of sports betting campaigns during the most important part of the season for all European clubs.

If you’re a football (or soccer to all American) fan, you know we’re witnessing something special every spring.

Remember how all four finalists in two major UEFA clubs competitions have come from one nation? Chelsea was going to face their hometown foes from Arsenal in the final game of the UEFA Europa League. A couple of days later, Tottenham was to encounter Liverpool in the last game of the UEFA Champions League that season. And what a time it was for all affiliate marketers out there…

Football is coming home, one could have said.

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What do UEFA finals mean for affiliate marketers?

Each year the Champions League Final is aired in more than 200 countries. According to the UEFA it is the most-watched annual sporting event in the world. With 380 million viewers worldwide, it leaves the Super Bowl far behind.

Even though the UEFA Europa League is not as popular and prestigious as its bigger brother, thanks to its widely recognized finalists it’s definitely not a secondary football trophy. Names like Arsenal and Chelsea, as well as Liverpool and Tottenham or Sevilla FC, are amongst the top 10 of the most valuable football brands, with enormous fan bases all over the world.

You know what it means for affiliate marketing business, don’t you? Yes, you’re right. An opportunity. An Impressive and profitable one with a huge stake and a great number of competitors, dreaming to get a piece of it for themselves.

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Welcome to the Profitable World of Bookmaking

When affiliate marketing meets football, one vertical stands out from the rest. It’s sports betting.

Knowing the current finalists of Champions League and Europa League, you will probably appreciate that gambling on sports events has an almost century-long tradition in all of Europe.

When it comes to online betting – you will like it too – there’s no such popular discipline amongst European punters as football.

The report presented by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission states that the amount of all online sports bets made (less the value of all winnings) from October 2016 to September 2017 was £786 million. It’s nearly 40% of all online bets for the mentioned period of time.

It’s not a secret that the Premier League, Champions League and Europa League games are on the top of sports events chosen by European gamblers. 

This chart shows Champions League betting soar up into the sky just before the most important game of the season for European club football. Bearing in mind 2017’s finals were yet to happen, we may assume that it was only going to get bigger with time.

google trends champions league betting chart

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Push Notification Ads Loves Sports Betting Campaigns

As you already know, the biggest football games of the year are a great opportunity for affiliate marketers. There’s a lot of ways to take advantage of those events. One we highly recommend is push notification advertising.

First of all, it’s still a red hot ad format these days. Secondly, push notification ads loves sports betting campaigns. Gambling is one of the best-converting and thus most profitable verticals for Zeropark’s clients.

What you should pay attention to while setting up an outstanding campaign:

  • Come up with catchy copy (title, message) and football-themed image.
  • Don’t be afraid to use emojis, they can really boost your efforts 📈.
  • Take advantage of the finalists’ fanbases and their passion for gambling.
  • Don’t limit your efforts to England only as those brands are world famous.
  • Conduct a lot of testing to figure out what works best for you.
  • Pay attention to timing – don’t start your campaign too early or too late.

Below you will find a general example, showing the way a push notification ad concerning football betting may be crafted.

We have a sign-up-centric offer that rewards a user with a bonus and you, the advertiser, with a payout. The bonus is the key reason for the potential sign up, so we promoted it in the title (notice the emoji), and described the details in the description. We also build up a sense of urgency with “limited offer”.

sports betting campaign example in zeropark's push ads

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Make Money with Other Potentially Profitable Verticals

Even though it’s a big one, sports betting is not the only vertical that might bring you decent money during the upcoming football frenzy. You should also try football-themed e-commerce (play fair, never use official UEFA trademarks without permission) or streaming sites campaigns.

As you can see, they’re going to be quite popular on the match day:

google trends champions league streaming

Credit: Google

In the very first sentence of this article, we paraphrased the famous quotation of Gary Lineker. Let’s finish with another silver-tongued legend. If only Liverpool’s great manager Bill Shankly got to know and beloved our business instead of football, he would undoubtedly say something like this:  

Some people think affiliate marketing is a matter of life and death. I don’t like that attitude. I can assure them it is much more serious than that.

No matter what you may hear about affiliate marketing, every successful professional will tell you that you won’t get paid unless you commit yourself to the fullest. Think about it, prepare trophy-worthy sports betting campaigns and…shine like a football star!

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